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"I dedicated much of my adult life to the pursuance of a vastly different life than I had ever envisioned for myself. It is seventeen years later and I have no regrets. My desires have evolved and broadened into different facets of the entertainment industry, I attribute much of this to the changes in myself personally. Has it been easy? We'll talk. I do consider myself lucky. I do also recognize that I am responsible for creating and capitalizing on some of that luck. But I am competitive only with myself. I recognize my time here is not a constant. It is a truth. A time. And it too will pass. So I will celebrate it. With you if you like. Being here, you have decided to share part of the journey and I welcome you."
~ Paul Johansson
1. North American by nature: Born in Washington State, educated in British Columbia, lives in Los Angeles, travels constantly across international borders for work, and for play.

2. A Man for All Seasons: Loves his work, likes to read; a fan of Oscar Wilde. Enjoys sports, likes to ski on snow and on water, and does occasionally play a little basketball.

3. A creative intellect, more than just a pretty face, with a likeable sense of humor, and a caring nature which makes him a valued friend.

"Not bad for an old guy."
From the One Tree Hill Forum, 2003

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